Our story

Imagine the sun-drenched Tuscan countryside, the cosmopolitan thrill of Rome, the gentle moon over Venice’s canals. That’s the magic that mesmerized both me and my brother, compelling us to create timepieces that capture the true spirit of Italy.

Tangible concerns such as a desire to offer accessible luxury watches gave us new motivation down the line. Extensive research led us to a method of disrupting the status-quo of the luxury market - cutting the supply chain and offering you a limited edition, highly inspired timepiece. A benefit for maker and consumer.

As children, we spent summers with our grandparents in the countryside. There our grandfather would entertain us with stories of his adventures around the globe. Most captivating were tales of his dearest friend, Filippo Loreti, who sent him postcards from across Italy. Each was vivid and exciting, seeming to open a door to another world.

Remember the last time you felt a strong spark of creativity? A powerful attraction lit by Filippo Loreti’s amazing postcards did that for us in a major way.

Just one decade later, we set off for the streets of Italy. The cultural appreciation for world-class craftsmanship, age-old tradition, and cutting-edge design, along with the deep passion and appetite for living - from the moment we set foot in that breathtaking land; Italy has been a lasting obsession and great inspiration.

A nostalgic inspiration that preceded our later found commitment to offering the best in luxury timepieces, and keeping them accessible. Real, covetable, accessible luxury - imagine that?

Our watches are more than just a way of keeping time, but a way of capturing every golden moment of your day. What if each glance at your wrist wasn’t just a reminder of the hour, but a reminder to embrace adventure?

Humbly dedicated to Filippo Loreti, these artisan timepieces celebrate some of our favorite Italian destinations and redefine the luxury buying experience. Join in our celebration now, and be way ahead of the curve!

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The Journal

Each postcard was a captivating missive from a jewel in the crown of Italian cities as he travelled while time stood still. Sip an espresso and travel with us as we share the journey of Filippo.

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