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Five things you need to know before you buy a luxury watch

Don’t shop until you’ve read them all



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Buying a luxury watch is a serious decision. Not only is it a big investment, but the watch you wear will play a big part in shaping people’s impressions of you. A great watch is the perfect complement to a well-cut suit; it conveys confidence, charisma, success. But like a suit, that watch needs to match the wearer’s style.

Get your buying decisions wrong, and you could end up with an overpriced timepiece that leaves you feeling awkward. But don’t worry: we’ve assembled a list of the five things you need to know when buying a luxury watch. So get ready to shop like a pro…

What does your watch say about you?

First impressions matter, so think about what your timepiece says about you. Every brand has a personality – some give off an under-stated, laid-back sense of style; others shout their presence more loudly. James Bond’s Omega Seamaster 300 might be just the thing for an international action hero, but for many situations it might be, well… a little too much? Try too hard, and you may end up looking less 007, more Austin Powers. Not so groovy, baby.

Be yourself. Choose a watch that projects your image. Flashy status symbols might spell success for some, but they can be divisive. Eye-catching it may be, but the macho Scuba style of a Rolex or Breitling diver’s watch won’t be to everyone’s taste. A TAG Heuer might be great for the rugged, sporty type – but is it you? A luxury watch is an investment, so take the time to choose a timepiece that makes you feel self-assured, rather than self-conscious.

Filippo Loreti watches blend contemporary design and features with the timelessness of Italian style. They project self-confidence, not swagger. Glimpse one on a person’s wrist as you shake their hand, and you’ll know the wearer is someone who cares about their appearance - but isn’t a peacock. It’s about substance, not show. With a Filippo Loreti, you’ll feel just as much at home in the boardroom as you will be sipping cocktails on a city break.

“Swiss Made” doesn’t always mean what it says

In the world of watches, the words “Swiss Made” might sound like a passport to luxury. Alas, the reality is not so simple. While every part of an ultra-high-end watch from the likes of Patek Philippe or Moser & Cie. might be lovingly hand-crafted by the watch-makers of Geneva, more affordable “Swiss Made” models are a decidedly international affair.

The Swiss watch industry’s regulations allow a watch to be labelled “Swiss Made” when only 60% of its movement – and, therefore, as little as a third of its total working parts – actually come from the country.

Why does this matter? Because, while the majority of the parts in those “Swiss Made” watches are manufactured in China – where 80% of all of the world’s watches are made – many brands use the “Swiss Made” moniker to hike up their prices. A 2016 study by the University of St Gallen found that consumers paid up to twice the price for a watch bearing the inscription.

With its romantic connotations of fine craftsmanship, a “Swiss Made” watch might sound like an investment in tradition. In practice, it’s little more than clever marketing. Shop smarter with Filippo Loreti, and you can enjoy the same luxury quality at a fraction of the price.

Every watch tells a story – what’s yours?

One of the delights of owning a luxury watch lies in discovering the little details. A timepiece that’s designed and crafted with care will be a constant pleasure, from the satisfying feel of its materials to the thoughtful details that make it both a pleasure to look at and to use. It’s these tiny details that make every Filippo Loreti timepiece a labour of love, from the drawing board to wearer’s wrist.

Each of our watch series celebrates an icon of Italian design, from the opulent Byzantine mosaics of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice to the mesmerising elliptical lines of Rome’s Piazza del Campidoglio, to the magnificent roof of Milan’s Galleria Vittore Emanuele II shopping arcade.

Luxury materials are essential part of the story, too. Our straps are hand-sewn from the finest quality Italian leather from selected suppliers in Florence. Other elements, such as the intricate engravings on every watch back, are there to be enjoyed by the wearer alone. It’s this attention to detail – even when it comes to the parts you can’t see – that ensures Filippo Loreti’s quality and authenticity.

What features do you really need?

To choose the luxury watch that’s right for you, you also need to think about the features you need. Does a minimalist dial, like the one on Filippo Loreti’s Rome series, suit your style? Or do you need the date, too?

Filippo Loreti Rome Quartz

Sometimes, your choice might be dictated by your lifestyle or interests. If you’re a racing fanatic, you may want a watch with a chronograph – perhaps with a built-in tachymeter, so you can calculate lap speeds.

Alternatively, you may want to see everything at a glance, with a watch face that includes date, month and day of the week indicators – perhaps even a moon phase indicator to show off your taste for classical aesthetics. Again, it’s wise to think about whether your chosen watch reflects your personality and lifestyle – there’s little sense in buying a watch with certain features if you’ll never use them.

Quartz, auto or smartwatch?

Lastly, what type of movement do you require – quartz or automatic? And does your connected lifestyle mean you want to hook up your watch to your smartphone to keep track of your daily activities, or control your music?

Which of these categories you choose will depend in part on your budget, but most importantly, on how you use your watch. If you simply need a watch to tell the time, but you’re looking for a timepiece that reflects your sense of style and creates a great impression, a quartz model may be the way to go.

If, on the other hand, you’re after classic style and a sense of tradition – plus that elegant sweeping second hand – you’ll get all of these from a watch with an automatic, mechanical movement.

Filippo Loreti Smartwatch – Renaissance

If you need smart features such as exercise tracking, or the handy ability to silence incoming calls without taking your phone out, a smartwatch is a must-have. Until recently, going smart usually meant opting for a cumbersome device with a touchscreen, lasting barely a day between charges. Thanks to the new Filippo Loreti Renaissance smartwatch, though, you can get all the smart features you really need – with the clean lines of a classic luxury watch, and a battery life of up to a year.

Decisions, decisions...

Because you carry it with you all day, every day, a wristwatch is perhaps the most personal accessory you can own. It’s a style accessory, a time-keeping tool and an expression of your personality all at once - which is why we offer a range of customisation options to really make your Filippo Loreti timepiece unique.

So whether your style is classic or minimalist, stainless steel or rose gold, with a luxury Italian leather strap in emerald green or class tan, you’ll find a Filippo Loreti watch that tells your story. The decision is yours.

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